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Fanfiction: American Dreams
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*makes his way up to Stark’s lab, tossing the USB from hand to hand absently as he goes* *knocks on the door* Mr Stark? Stark are you there?

*looks up from tinkering with the armour* JARVIS, door.

Welcome, Captain Rogers.

Cap. This is a surprise. What can I do for you?

*glances up and around, trying to find something to speak to, ends up giving up* Hello Jarvis. *looks at Tony* Uh. *puts the USB on the table* I have something for you. *clears his throat* 

Something you might not want everyone to see.

*picks up the USB and turns it over*

Oh Steve, and I didn’t get you anything.

Could you be a bit less cryptic for me, Cap? I’m not plugging this into my system unless I know what it is. Is it your collection of gentleman’s literature, pictures of kittens, what?

Well no. Um. It was given to me by someone else. She said it had… information on it. About… things you’ll be interested in.

*makes a frustrated sound* Can you just… plug it in and look at what’s on it? I mean, if it’s not what she said it is then I imagine we’ll know pretty quickly. And if it is, well it’ll kind of be self-explanatory. 

Any clues as to who this person might have been?

*picks up the USB and walks over to his bank of screens, then plugs it into a dock on the top*

I’ve put it into an isolated system, so any nasties should be contained. This better be something good.

Ah… from what I could gather… one of Loki’s…. allies. She said it had information about how the portals were formed.

I didn’t get all the technical details, you understand. We didn’t talk for that long and I’m not an expert in alien technology.

Okay. More Loki. *sighs* I’m sick of that guy.

*looks at the screens, then flings his hands outwards to create the surround display- you know, the showing-off look-at-my-tech one*

JARVIS, bring up the data we got from the portals downtown and the spider plans.

I can see several points of reference between that data and the information you uploaded. Would you like me to highlight them?

Yeah, we’ll need that for the cheap seats. *Tony very obviously doesn’t look at Cap as JARVIS highlights the similarities* Looks like the data checks out, Cap. This fills a lot of gaps in what was missing from the spider plans. *touches the glowing depiction of the portal crystals* Crystals, though- that doesn’t even make any sense, scientifically speaking. I mean, paired resonance, sure, but depending on the spider as a go-between?



*reaches up and gently puts a finger on the representation of one of the crystals* Sure, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean… from what I understood Loki needed the sceptre on one side of the portal and the tesseract on the other in order to get here in the first place. *glances at Tony* I read the reports.

….And the tesseract and the sceptre are a lot more powerful than whatever she’s using. *has an unpleasant thought*

Or at least, I hope so.

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