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Cracksmash RP blog for Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America.

Fanfiction: American Dreams
Title art by The Silver Feathered Raven
In the Hospital…

*Steve sits next to Clint’s bed with his sketchbook open in front of him and a few files on the floor next to him* *he hasn’t started drawing yet, though, and none of the files look like they’ve been looked at either*

*he is, instead, watching Clint’s sleeping face intently, as though he could work out how to fix what went wrong, with the mission, with the rescue, with everything*

*he is very, very still*

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    *her face hardens behind her sunglasses* I know.
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    No. But he’ll be better. There’s a difference. These things don’t go away Kate. *Steve looks very distant and melancholy...